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I have stepped down from Sugar. It's clear it's not going to be successful with me leading it. All EOS has been returned.

If anyone would like to take over the project, you are welcome to make a proposal to the token holders. I'll go along with whatever they decide. It's possible I would be willing to help out with technical aspects.

Why I made this decision:

EOS is a small community and I’ve burned too many bridges and alienated too many people to be effective at leading the project. Whenever I need to work with others in any capacity at this point, I am rebuffed. i can't find reputable people to be on the MSIG, i'm not permitted to promote Sugar in most places, alliances and partnerships are impossible. Etc. Sugar is dead in the water if I can't perform these basic functions. And at this point, I can't.

I take full responsibility for that. I made a choice to behave the way I did for so long. I thought what I built was all that mattered. Some lessons you have to learn the hard, painful way. Many people warned me of this and I ignored their advice. They were right. I was wrong.

Let this be a cautionary tale to the next guy who thinks telling critics to 'fuck off 'is going to work out: it's not only about what you build in such a small community — you'd better make people like you, too.